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Villa "Marta"

Welcome to the Villa "Marta" official website. Here You will find all the necessary information, as well as our advantages:


Villa "Marta" is located in the center of Truskavets resort near central pump room.


Perfect correlation betvin money and quality among villas and hotels of Truskavec.


Own medical facilities and professional medical staff for effective treatment.


The friendly and dedicated staff will provide you best vacation.

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The new approach to vacation in Truskavets!

Modern man is tired of stress and negative emotions on background of influence environmental and social ills. As a result, bad habits are increasing up what leads to the development of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, nervous and many other chronic diseases. Therefore, each of us needs a regular rest, which is able to rejuvenate, improve health and to strengthen the immune system.

      The healing properties of water have long been known. Since ancient times,people have been treated by just water..

      Today you do not need to, because we will take care of it for you. Truskavets is the unique resort that is known not just only by mineral waters (Naftusya, Maria, Sofia), but due to experienced doctors and professional equipment through which the healing effect of water can be amplified in three times.

      To attend the and show an individual approach to each patient have been created such small villas as "Marta"

      Villa Marta is located in the central part of Truskavets, is close to the pump-room of mineral waters #1 and Resort Park, the Palace of Culture named after Shevchenko T., the modern SPA-center and entertainment infrastructure.

      We offer you not only comfortable accommodation, but 3-times meal in the restaurant, which is located directly at the Villa "Marta".

      The task of the medical staff is not only to provide you the correct regimen of mineral water reception, but also to check the parameters "before" and "after" treatment, which will allow you to clearly see the results.

      Undeniable advantages Villa "Marta" is that you will consult by the therapist of the highest category with 30 years of experience in the resort, participant of many international conferences and author of scientific articles published in specialized Ukraine journals.

      Also, we now offer our guests a new service: adjustment of diet, correction of ration, selection of individual nutrition on background such diseases as obesity, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, liver disease, pathologies of biliary tract and stomach.

      The professional dietician, Ph.D, who will create the personalized menu for the patient, also estimate the ideal body weight, the required daily calorie content, the number and ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, will consult about additional sources of vitamins and micronutrients and recommend on nutrition against a background of existing comorbidities, works at Villa “Marta”.

      If necessary, you can also be consulted by such experts narrow profile as hepatologists, urologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, proctologist and others. Experienced and disciplined nurses will help you fulfill prescription or undergo procedures.

       Our goal is, for a short period of your stay with us on vacation, diagnose and cure existing disease most effectively or provide recommendations for further action in treatment. The feature of our treatment is the fact that we do not lose contact with the patient after his return home, so we advise it with respect to prescribed therapy in the distance.

      In conditions of constant lack of time, the role of leisure becomes crucial, because a human in a short period of time wants to do everything. So, for these purposes we have developed a comprehensive program of rehabilitation of the digestive system, hepatobiliary system, system for health improvement "Anti-stress" and program of weight correction.

      An essential priority of these programs is that all of the procedures that they include, are located directly at the premises of the building houses Villa "Marta" and complement each other.

      The aim of our work is to make your vacation the most efficient, useful, enjoyable and interesting. We will be happy to see You and hope for a swift meeting!

The staff of Villa "Marta"


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Отдыхаю каждый год из детьми в вилле Марта. Недалеко от бювета - 5 минут ходьбы. Тихая уютная даже по семейному обстановка. Доктора и обслуживающий персонал внимательный к отдыхающим. Отличная кухня, хотя и диетическая....Show more reviews...



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